5 Years
Stella is 5 years old so ok n to be 6 October 1st, and is a rather relaxed girl who really wants to curl up next to you and show you the love she can give. She is ready to play when you are, she loves swimming and loves a good toy she can play with til she falls asleep with it. She is a go with the flow pup and will be up for anything. She is not good with babies and small children, but teens are great. She is friendly with everyone she meets, including other dogs. She does resource guard her toys and people with other dogs, so a one dog home is preferred. She loves to play and has a great time playing fetch. She prefers toys to herself rather than sharing with another pup. She is very easy to manage, listens well, and wants to please! She is best suited in a home with either her as the main pup, or one where she can be integrated into a home with others. She is not suited to be with cats.