Ricky Ricardo
10 Years
Ricky Ricardo is looking forward to prancing to a new home, he lost his Mom to Alzheimer's. Ricky is a Mama's boy at heart, as he has only had one Mom his whole life. He had a rough start at life, he and his litter were dumped at City Hall and all had to be bottled fed. Ricky's Mom fell in love with him from the very beginning and Ricky lived a good life. Ricky is very cool cat, he loves to be petted and brushed, and will kiss your fingers and hand. He's a totally mellow dude. Ricky has only lived indoors and has never been outside. With living and eating a healthy diet he has a lot of life left to live, even though he is 10 years young. Ricky got a full bill of health after a full check up and very normal blood panel. Ricky has lived with another cat, Olivia, until 3 years ago. We promised his mom that he would not ever go to a shelter, so please help keep that promise and consider opening your heart and home to this really awesome cat! Meet Ricky Ricardo Contact: Sarah 949.295.7826